September Youth Artist of the Month - Laila Bradham


Laila Bradham is a 10-year-old 5th grader who has been creating art pieces since age 3. Laila not only paints and draw pictures, but she creates pieces with materials that she finds lying around. She’s used a variety of supplies including watercolors, food coloring, and lent from a dryer to create a piece! Laila is a selfmade artist that has participated in art at school and with her girl scout troop but she has not had any professional art classes. Laila’s favorite art form is pencils and colored pencils because they are easier to work with. "Art makes me feel calm and I want people to be calm & relaxed when they see my art", says Laila. Her favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. In third grade, she created her interpretation of Starry Night which is displayed on the school art wall.