August Youth Artist of the Month - Leanna Xolot


Leanna Xolot started drawing and making art since I was in middle school and even younger. The way that she could change, create, and manipulate a piece was extraordinary to her. It's something that will always be something she can call her own. In whatever piece she does, there is always a pattern or form of art style she ends up following. Leanna likes to make her colors vibrant and have her pieces to be bold. She wants her paintings to tell a story and to never show sadness but rather hope and love. Leanna likes to incorporate her culture and her Mexican-American, Puerto Rican roots into her art and show a strong vision inside the life of latinos. She also likes to show the beauty behind what the art is like but also manages to incorporate her own style create something original that brings a special message to her. Leanna graduated from Milwaukee High School Of The Arts (MHSA), making the honor roll all four years while majoring in visual arts. Attending MHSA has really helped her find herself as an artist aa well as helping her form a passion to pursue a career in art. She was able to meet many young artists like herself who helped her create and expand her ideas. Leanna is currently working on a mural for MHSA to be hung in one of the school's hallway that is sure to inspire every young artists. Leanna has attended some pre-college programs at Milwaukee institute Of Art And Design (MIAD) specializing in oil painting. These programs have helped her gain a bigger and brighter understanding of painting. She will be attending MIAD this fall as a freshman. Art/painting is something that will always be apart of her. She will always urge and encourage to keep creating and believe in your passion. 

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